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Our brand new, one of a kind Sugar Puff Cotton Candy Cart is bound to be a hit! Our cart is accompanied by classic pink and blue cotton candy, as well as an elegant white wedding cake flavor. We will hand spin cotton candy on site at your event!


Hire us to sweeten up your next event - we bring the sugar, you bring the smiles! 🤗 

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photo  booth

Our photo booth is all digital. No paper. Saving you money and the forest trees. You're welcome. 


Guests use an interactive touch screen to initiate the experience. Once the photograph is taken, the guests enter their cell phone number and the picture will immediately be sent to their device. This allows guests to share their photo in real-time on social media. 

At the end of your event, we'll send you a link with every photo that was taken at your event - even those not-so-good ones 😆. You're welcome again. 

For more information about pricing & booking, click here!